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AI DIAL Documentation

Project Overview and Contribution Guide


Quick Start

Refer to AI DIAL Chat Repository to learn how to launch AI DIAL Chat with default configurations.

Helm Deployment


Development Guides

AI DIAL Chat Application User Manual


Other AI DIAL Project Open Source Repositories

Here is the current list of repositories where you can find more details.

You can also refer to the open source repository map on the AI DIAL website.

  • DIAL Helm - helm chart, find stable assemblies here.
  • DIAL Core - the main component that exposes API
  • DIAL SDK - development kit for applications and model adapters
  • DIAL Chat - default UI
  • DIAL Chat Themes - static content and UI customizations for default UI
  • DIAL CI - github CI commons
  • DIAL Assistant - model agnostic assistant/addon implementation for DIAL. It allows to use self-hosted OpenAI plugins as DIAL addons.
  • DIAL Analytics Realtime - simple real-time usage analytics. That transforms logs into InfluxDB metrics
  • DIAL Auth Helper - AuthProxy is a proxy service that implements OpenID-compatible Web API endpoints to avoid direct interaction with the AuthProviders' APIs, such as the KeyCloak API.
  • Model adapters: